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Elizabeth has helped clients in Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Waller County, and surrounding counties by obtaining the best possible outcome depending on the specific need of the client.  Representation is always focused on the client's specific and personal situation. 

Harassment - Child Abuse - Interference With 911 - Failure To ID - Occupational Licenses (Civil & Criminal) - Petitions For Non-Disclosure - Juvenile - Adoption-- Parole Board Hearings - Trial Lawyer - Speeding Tickets - Civil Lawsuits - Justice Of The Peace - Trespassing - Divorce - Child Custody & Enforcement - Child Support

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Elizabeth is the kind of lawyer who listens, offer advice and fight hard to win your case! Call today for a free consult and peace of mind. She is a well-respected attorney that is well known among judges, prosecutors, and colleagues in Houston, Texas and its surrounding counties

Elizabeth's Background: 

Undergraduate: Elizabeth graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of St Thomas in Houston, Texas, with a Bachelors in Psychology. She also completed the requisites for a pre-law designation upon graduation. Her success as a defending lawyer in the pre-law program is also notable. Her passion for helping people includes those who suffer from socioeconomic struggles, mental disorders, adolescents who have found themselves in legal trouble, people plagued by drug addictions, and many others. In addition, Elizabeth started her law career early by interning at non-profit organizations such as Justice for Children. 

Law School: While in law school, Elizabeth interned under Harris County's county attorney with Child Protective Services Division and Harris County’s very own Public Defender’s Office as one of the their first group of interns ever invited.  

Post Law-School: Since graduating, Elizabeth has successfully defended many misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. Elizabeth gives back to her community by committing to deliver a fraction of her work to indigent clients. After passing the bar, Elizabeth worked at a small firm defending clients in their criminal and/or immigration cases. 

  • DWI (Felony & Misdemeanor)
  • Assault (Felony & Misdemeanor)
  • Drug Crimes (Felony & Misdemeanor)
  • Unlawful Weapon Charges & Uses
  • Crimes Against Children & CPS
  • Theft (Felony & Misdemeanor)
  • ​Divorce 
  • Child Custody & Child Support
  • ​Modifications
  • Civil Law Suits,  Demand Letters, Wills,  Contracts
  • Class C Misdemeanors 
  • And much more -- Call Today! 



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Elizabeth Salazar Alexander has been  a successful lawyer in Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Polk, Jefferson, and surrounding counties in Texas for many years. Their Porter office is open to anyone who needs an affordable, educated, and experienced lawyer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will fight hard for your Texas rights!

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Being a suspect to in a criminal investigation can be very stressful and scary. The same may apply to whether or not you are involved in a civil suit as the plaintiff or defendant. Most of our clients have expressed personal embarrassment that may extend to their families, the community, and the work place. Often, the accused of a criminal investigation feels trapped and the only way out of their criminal troubles is to take a plea deal with the state. This is not always true and quite often, this is the most damaging option.  

Elizabeth tries to exhaust all other avenues before considering a plea or settlement. Many criminal convictions are followed by a black stain on the record that can prohibit you from renting apartments, obtaining employment, being eligible for raises, obtaining state license, receiving government student aid, adopting children, immigration consequences, and much more. She will fight the fight and protect your rights from the beginning of your case to the end. Call today for a free consult from an affordable lawyer that will try and obtain the best possible outcome.

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