The levels of assault can vary depending on the circumstances. This means that an assault charge can be a misdemeanor and felony.

Being charged with assault can be very frustrating, especially with the emotions that usually accompany the charge.

Defenses and Excuses are available. Call Woodrow and Elizabeth today to determine whether one of those defenses or excuses applies to your case. ​​ 

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is always a felony. Being charged with a felony is always a scary experience because the punishment may include prison, high fines, and/or an extremely long probation.

Being charged with an aggravated felony is always worse because the punishment range is increased. Aggravated felonies always will make it difficult to find jobs, apartments, etc.

These types of felonies will also ​have immigration consequences and are deportable offenses.

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Assault Family Member

One of the most frustrating types of assault is assault on a family member. The Texas Penal Code defines family member very broadly and can include assault on someone that you never had a dating relationship with -- it could be a person that is dating one of your ex girlfriends or boyfriends. There are many different types of relationships that are included in the definition of family member.

Assault on a family member is not eligible for deferred adjudication, so taking a plea deal on this charge will ensure that the conviction will be on your record forever. Plus, assault on a family member can be enhanced and the second time your are charged, it will be a felony.
This conviction can also lead to dire immigration consequences because it involves an affirmative finding of family violence. Do not let the possibility of deportation and exclusion from the country by taking a plea deal. ​Do not let this be you and call Woodrow and Elizabeth today to explore your options.