Being drunk or "buzzed" in public does not mean that you have met the elements to be found guilty of Public Intoxication, a Class C misdemeanor.

The Texas Penal Code makes it clear that an "endanger" element must be  met in order to be found guilty of the offense. 

ALR HEARING: DWI defendants only have a short amount of time to give notice of their intent to dispute their license suspension.  Once the deadline has passed, you lose the opportunity to fight the license suspension and you will face license reinstatement fees.

EVIDENCE: There can be quite of bit of evidence that can help you in your DWI conviction and requesting that information as soon as possible is crucial in your defense. ​

​One thing that everyone can agree on is that DWIs are very expensive. Seek out an attorney that can help you fight your DWI charge.


As mentioned above, you license is at great risk for suspension. The first opportunity that your license may be suspended is at an ALR hearing. Next, it could be on the date of a plea deal, depending on the type of plea that is taken.

Texas Penal Code: As will all criminal statutes, there are elements that must be met in order for the state to meet its burden of proof.  However, some factors require minimum confinement depending. Retain a lawyer who knows what these are and who knows how to defend your rights and reduce your chances of additional incarceration (such as stops involving open containers).

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DWIs are not limited to cars, trucks, etc. You can be arrested and charged for drinking and operating a boat. However, if convicted, there is a statutory requirement to spend additional days incarcerated. 


Driving under the influence is just as expensive as DWIs. Under the influence can involve pills or any type of substance that may make someone lose normal use of their mental and physical facilities. Most people are not aware that a DUI can stem from taking medication prescribed by your doctor if that medication makes under the legal definition of being under the influence.

Driving while intoxicated convictions often lead to many unfortunate consequences such as a suspended license or a court order (before or after a DWI conviction) requiring you to install and pay for a deep lung ignition interlock.

Retaining an attorney immediately is incredibly important in your DWI defense For several reasons. 

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